The purpose of the Delta Dialogues is to bring a representative set of stakeholders who care about the future of California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta into the same room to have a different type of conversation. It’s not about winning or losing, who did what to whom, or creating yet another plan. It’s about truly listening and understanding each other, discussing the why as well as the what, and building stronger relationships. It’s about having meaningful conversations that could inform and catalyze a new type of shared understanding and — in the long term — action around the future of the Delta.

The Delta Conservancy is hosting these conversations. On April 27, 2012, we kicked off this process. From May through October 2012, we gathered once a month at different sites around the Delta to try to listen and understand each other better. We have been sharing stories of each meeting along the way on this site. It is our  hope that these conversations help catalyze other meaningful conversations, and we encourage everyone to follow the ongoing story on this site.

Video about the Dialogues