Phase II Final Report

Phase II ran from May 2013 to February 2014, continuing the process started in January of 2012. Participants representing a wide swath of stakeholder groups — government agencies, environmental organizations, engineers, fishermen, local governments, recreation, water contractors, and farmers — came together for a “different kind of dialogue.” The goal was to build on trust and shared understanding developed in Phase I as a mechanism to move forward on water issues facing the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Like the Phase I Final Report, the Phase II Final Report includes a narrative by our journalist, Joe Mathews, presenting an independent and candid account of what happened throughout this process, its successes and failures, and the impact it had on its participants.

In the Phase II Final Report we’ve also included short transcripts of Q&A-type interviews with many of the key participants. The interviews illuminate participants’ thinking on key issues surrounding the Dialogues such as Why did you come back for Phase II? and What did you out of the process?

In addition, we’ve included a detailed description of the process side of the Dialogues, so you can get a strong sense of how we created and maintained a safe and productive environment for the Dialogues.

Below are two versions of the report for you to download.

  • Reader Version – This version is better for reading the report on a large screen, with two pages shown side by side.

Download Reader Version (2 Page Layout) PDF (36MB)


  • Printer Version – This version is better for reading on a small screen, or for printing out on a standard printer.

Download Printing Version (1 Page Layout) PDF (36MB)


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